Designed Just For YOU!

Total Customization For your Group

Not a single roll of fabric is cut until we receive your design, so there aren’t any restrictions to limit your creativity. With near-limitless customization capabilities, makes it easy to share what makes your team unique with the world.

Starting From Scratch

Unlike most custom apparel companies, we are unique in the fact that we start from scratch – allowing you the freedom during design to create something not possible when choosing a stock product.

When you can change the colors and design of every part of the product, you’re guaranteed a garment that will highlight the characteristics that make your team special.

Once you’ve finalized your design(s), only then do we begin to cut the garment panels from the fabric rolls you’ve selected, or knit the panels from yarn (depending on the product you’ve ordered).

We Make things Personal

Once all the necessary panels are cut and sewn, it’s time to  make them personal to your group.

We decorate the panels before sewing them all together in order to remove the restrictions faced by decorating an already assembled product (as stock products typically limit customization to specific areas of the product); For example, we’re able to print over the entire garment, even the inside lining, or a sleeve if you’d like – resulting in completely unique apparel that ensures you and your group rise above the crowd.

Assembling Your Garments

We’ve arrived upon our piece de resistance.

The time has come to sew all of the decorated panels together for your finalized product.

Once your order is ready to be shipped, every single product must undergo a series of quality control tests before they’re sent on their way.

Quality assurance is a priority at because your garment should last as long as your memories do – so we build our products to be just as tough as you.

Ready to Customize Your Order?


Starting Price 150 AED

Varsity Jacket

Starting Price 150 AED

Frequently Asked Questions

While the standard delivery times vary depending on the product (for more information please contact our sales team), your garments should be delivered to you approximately 5-7 weeks from the date of your order.

We make placing an order easy.

1. Play around with our enhanced design lab to get an idea of what products you’d like and begin creating your own design.

2. Connect with us and our designers will help you finish your design, as well as answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3. You’ll have the option to share your design(s) with your group, and the ability to manage the order and collect payment all from within the platform.

Good news!

We don’t require any minimum quantity.

Our design lab is intended only to give you an idea of what you want – our design experts are ready and able to help you with your design whenever you need.

If you are interested in placing an order but need help finalising your designs, please contact us and our talented design team can help you perfect your designs.

Get In Touch

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, or chat to discuss your order in more details – Simply choose on of our contact methods below and we’ll response within less than 12 hours.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!